The hotel

Luxury and style

Situated in an enchanting, magical location in the narrowest part of the Calabrian peninsula, the Grand Hotel Paradiso faces out over the Ionian Sea and is also infused with the aroma of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is to be found just 15 minutes’ drive away. Dawn changes the shades of the landscape, the violet-grey tinge making way for an explosion of colours as the sun rises over the backdrop of the ‘Le Castella’ district.

Located in the very centre of the Gulf of Squillace, the Hotel is situated just 1200 metres from the impressive ruins of Scolacium and a mere 1000 metres from the Ionian Sea. The Hotel plays host to 78 rooms: 35 seaview double rooms; 35 twin rooms; 3 Junior Suites; and 5 Suites, including the exceptionally romantic ‘La Rosa’ Suite.